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Contact Information:

Arctic Power -Washington DC office
425 8th Street NW Suite 540
Washington DC 20004
202-248-4468 tel
202-248-6123 fax

All General Public and Press queries to:
202-248-4468 EST 8am-8pm

Arctic Power - Anchorage, AK office
P.O. Box 100220
Anchorage, AK 99510

Contact us at

Arctic Power is a grassroots, non-profit citizen's organization with 10,000 members founded in April of 1992 to expedite congressional and presidential approval of oil exploration and production within the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Arctic Power is based in Anchorage, AK.

Arctic Power membership spans the economic spectrum - including miners, fishermen, loggers, tourism operators, transportation businesses, labor unions, banks, teachers, the legal community, retail firms, service industries, non-profit organizations, Alaska Native corporations, local elected officials, and many others.

A statewide board oversees the activities of Arctic Power and includes representatives from Barrow to Ketchikan - all regions of the state are represented.

The Alaska congressional delegation, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and the Alaska Legislature has endorsed Arctic Power and works closely with the board and staff of the organization. Arctic Power and the State of Alaska work together in their congressional outreach efforts in Washington, D.C., and across the nation

The organization is committed to securing congressional and presidential approval of legislation opening the Coastal Plain of ANWR to responsible oil development.

Interest groups represented on the Arctic Power board and through its membership are:

Alaska Support Industry Alliance

Alaska State Chamber of Commerce

Resource Development Council

Alaska Trucking Association

Alaska Oil & Gas Association

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

Alaska Miner's Association

Alaska Forest Association.

Arctic Power
P.O. Box 100220
Anchorage, AK 99510
907-274-2697 Anchorage, AK office

Arctic Power Board

Al Adams chairman
Gail Phillips
George N. Ahmaogak Sr.
Milton Behr
Richard Berkowitz
Marc Bond
Judy Brady
Carl Brady Jr.
Tom Brennan
Fred Brown
Jim Campbell
Larry Cooper
Frank Dillon
Paula Easley
Tom Evans
Matthew Fagnani
Jeff Gregory
Shari Gross
Mike Heatwole
Eric Helzer
Barbara Huff-Tuckness
Wilson Hughes
Benjamin Jack
Jeffrey Johnson
Linda Leary
Jeff Lowenfels
Joe Mathis
Stephen McAlpine
John McClellan
Mike Navarre
Wilbur O'Brien
Tom Panamaroff
Kyle Parker
Debbie Reinwand
Fenton Rexford
Judy Salo
Jim Sampson
Cindy Schebler
Jerome Selby
Mary Shields
Rick J. Solie Jr.
Joe A. Sprague
Robert Stiles
Robert Stinson
Tara Sweeney
Curtis Thayer
Jim Udelhoven
Alma Upicksoun

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